What’s The Plan? And Do You (And Your Staff) Know Where It Is?

“Always, always have a plan”
― Rick Riordan

One of my (fictional) heroes is Leslie Knope, a character on the charming television series Parks and Recreation. Leslie is a Type A+++ person who approaches her work with passion and determination. From organizing the Harvest Festival to the grand opening of the Smallest Park in Indiana, Leslie leaves nothing to chance. She has a plan for literally everything. She is the Queen of Logistics. Leslie’s plans have plans, and they’re easy to find because they’re organized into spiffy binders with the name of each event on the spine of the binder.

Leslie, of course, is not a real person. But her love for planning is a great reminder that a communication plans is important part of creating and maintaining a strong brand.

Think of it this way: a communications plan is a promise to yourself, a commitment that you will promote yourself and your business so you can build on success.

Your business needs two communications plans:

  • A year-long action plan that incorporates regularly scheduled news releases, e-blasts and social media to spread the word about your company. The communications plan is a roadmap that helps you know where you’re going.
  • A crisis communications plan that details your game plan if disaster strikes your company. Note that “disaster” can encompass a wide range of events, from an employee arrest or a product failure to an environmental incident or a social media blunder that threatens to ruin your business.

All this planning can seem overwhelming and, perhaps a bit pointless. You may think you’re so busy that you don’t have time to develop a communications plan, let alone develop a plan for a hypothetical crisis that (you hope) will never happen.


If you don’t have a communications plan in place, you don’t have anything in place to ensure that those “maybe we should” thoughts turn into actions that will help you increase awareness about your brand. Writing it down keeps you on track.

And if you don’t have a crisis communications plan in place, what will you do when the unthinkable happens? How will you react? How will your staff react? Are you assuming that everything will just work itself out?

The great news is that I can develop and implement the communications plans your business needs – and deserves – at a reasonable price. Let’s talk. Call me at 512-589-7209 or send me an email and start the conversation.

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